“Live, Love, Listen, Speak”


CJ @ All White Party 2014

Sometimes in life we need to hear a word of encouragement from others.  The following passage was a blessing to me so I wanted to share it with all of you.

“Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending.”

Live without pretending… Live a life full of being yourself, and yourself only. Life is way too short to try and live as someone else. Make the decisions that best represent you, and who you really are at your heart’s deepest levels, never succumb to the pressures of society and the people around you in regards to making decisions that aren’t representative of decisions that you want to make.

Love without depending… Make sure the relationships that you enter into help build both you and the other person involved. If a relationship is unequally yoked one person will always get the short end of the stick while the other may be getting more than they deserve.

Listen without defending… There will come times in everyone’s life that they are offered criticisms that will help them to build. This is the kind of criticism we have to be able to hear and listen to so that we may possibly reach our potential.

Speak without offending. Make great efforts not to offend, and keep in mind if you have nothing constructive to say to help a person, maybe it is something that just shouldn’t be said at all.

Remember…the energy that you put out is eventually sent back to you. So be mindful of that energy.


Peace and Love, CJ Jones

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